Why Phenix

“We’re not giving up until we’ve done everything we can to minimize our environmental impact. It’s simply the right thing to do.”
Hans Peter, President, Phenix Label

Sustainability at Phenix is an active initiative.

Good for the environment. Good for the community.

Phenix recycles 99 percent of its production waste—over 900 tons per year. And our comprehensive office and food waste recycling program hauls away another 2,000 pounds each week. This does real and significant good for the environment by extending landfill life and reducing fossil fuel use and transportation emissions.


Sustainability is more than just a concept at Phenix.

Each week, 18 tons of waste leave the Phenix production facility in Olathe, Kan. Before, this waste went to a landfill, but now it is converted to alternative solid fuel that fires kilns at the Lafarge Cement Plant in Sugar Creek, Mo. The combination of alternative solid fuel and landfill Methane gas account at the plant for about 40 percent of the energy used to run the kilns. And every year, 1,000 fewer trucks loaded with coal travel through the nearby community, meaning less air polluted by fossil fuels