Who We Are

Building a legacy, one customer at a time.

Phenix continues to be a family-owned business, now run by Arthur McCrum’s great-grandson Hans Peter, that holds true to the values of yesterday, even as we help your business grow toward tomorrow. We understand that what we do today, and how we respond to customer needs, is part of the legacy we’ll leave behind.

We never forget where we came from — and who got us here.

In 1896, Arthur McCrum founded Phenix based on the simple idea of providing labels to customers quickly and efficiently. With peerless quality and unmatched service, we’ve grown over the past 100 years to offer our loyal customers much more than labels and packaging.

Today, we bring advanced technology to package design. We bring an unwavering commitment to quality and service. We bring our culture of accountability and a dedicated team of professionals who take pride in promoting your brand and products.