Why Phenix

There’s more to our labels.

The cost of a label is fairly minimal compared to the actual process it costs to create one. Phenix specializes in everything above and below the “bottom line,” providing you better service and better costs for the things you may not see up-front.

Better Service. Bottom Line.

Top-shelf service

Other companies talk about service. We deliver it: timely, responsive, personalized—the kind of service that saves the day.

At Phenix, we work with your brand and your objectives to deliver compelling and consistent packaging design, whether your order is in the hundreds or the hundreds of thousands. Because when it comes down to it, our goal is to help you make your commitments, get your customers’ attention, and take your business to new heights.

Phenix Label Better Service. Bottom Line.

Innovative printing solutions. Unmatched Service.

Our printing capabilities are capable of managing thousands of SKUs, and we back our package design solutions with exceptional service. With our dedication to quality management, the convenience of online proofing, and even help with managing your inventory, Phenix delivers better service that helps your bottom line.