We focus on getting it right.

We never forget that we are competing with thousands of printers nationwide for your business. That’s why we have full-time personnel dedicated to quality control to ensure we get your project right and your brand gets the attention it deserves.

Our in-depth quality controls at every stage save our customers time and money, and help us consistently outperform industry leaders—from customer service to art and design to prepress and production to finishing and shipping.


Quality is everybody’s job.

Quality relies on the right equipment and the right people to operate it. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly, we measure, evaluate, and reset the bar for our own performance with a process-based leadership scorecard and customer specific audits.

Phenix quality relies on:
  • the right people operating the right equipment
  • weekly, monthly, and quarterly reassessments of “the bar,” for our own performance
  • process-based leadership scorecards
  • customer specific audits